And Speaking of Change

(See below, if you’re wondering about the reference.)

I’ve been going to church for the last five or six years.  I started out in a Methodist church and I liked that but they (the powers that be in the Methodist regional area) changed out the good minister for a bad minister and there went that church/religion.

I’ve been a member of an independent baptist church for the past couple of years.  I was okay with that until I realized how conservative they are about religious and political views.  Sorry, that’s not me.

I always said that I didn’t go to church because I didn’t like organized religion and, I’m afraid it is getting to be that way again.  I am/was contemplating going to an Episcopalian church that’s close by but I have a feeling it will be the same thing– they will be more conservative than I am on politics and lifestyle.

So, I’m not going to attend church for awhile; I’ll see where that goes and go from there.  I have always been a firm believer in “church” being in your heart and, since I still read my Bible and pray, I believe I go to church every day, several times a day, as a matter of fact.


Looking Back . . .

I’ve been looking back through some of my older posts.  I complain about my family a lot and yet, I love them all dearly.  It is hard to be around them because I always feel that I have to be on my best behavior– I’m not sure that I’m actually “Marcia” around anyone but my sister, Nancy.  She and I, although you wouldn’t have known it 30 years ago, get along the best now.  Funny how things change.

New Format?

Possibly, when I finish the below-mentioned quilt, I will revamp this site.  I know I’m going to revamp my “Marcia’s Makings” site but I don’t know about this one– still thinking on it.

Any ideas?  Send ’em to me (!!

My kinda crazy!

So I’m reading Jenny Lawson’s book “Furiously Happy” (I think that’s the name of it) and I’ve decided that her husband, Victor, sounds way too much like my husband.  So I’ve decided to embrace MY KINDA CRAZY and just run with it.  No, I won’t make millions but I’ll have fun and that’s far more important.

So I’m working on an art quilt and, unless I wait about six months to work on the second one of the two almost identical quilts, I will NOT be making the second quilt with as much detail as I’m making the current quilt.  I’ve probably got about 30 to 40 computerized designs on it plus some ruler work plus some free-hand thread painting.  Most of it has been kinda fun and I’ve learned a lot about my machine.  I just wish it wouldn’t take so long to be done.  I think I’ve been working on it for a month– I didn’t note when I put it on the frame but I will be celebrating when I take it off the frame!!  WHEW!!


I’ve been thinking about re-vamping . . .

. . . many things in my life, including this website and the Marcia’s Making’s website.  I’m not crazy about the layout of either of them and I’m not sure that I’ve got the time to work on them.

You see, I’ve got this problem called BACKED-UP QUILTING.  I have about 12 quilts down at the longarm and then there are the clothes that I want to sew!  ARGH!!  I just don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do.

Monday AM
I started to publish this last night but forgot to hit that pesky “Publish” button.  (SIGH)

Anyway, I’ve already deleted the existing Facebook “Marcia’s Makings” page and will republish that when I republish my website.

In the interim, more to be done.

Still Here

Its just been a little crazier than usual.

Wednesday evening I taught a class, Part II of a two-part class.  Of course there’s going to be a third part to the class now but who counts anymore these days?

Then Thursday and Friday I spent getting my longarm set up properly again along with working on the “Wonky Christmas” quilt.  I’m thinking of adding “From Hell” to the name because it seems to be taking longer and longer to get done!

Other than that, I can’t remember what I worked on Saturday except for the quilt and that’s about it.  Slow week at Casa Bilbrey.


So, this morning I call the insurance company because ONCE AGAIN my login ID and password for the healthcare/pharmacy website don’t work– I know, I was surprised, too!!  (NOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I’d be surprised if it would actually work, to be honest– yes, I know you knew that already.

Anyway, I get the prescription information figured out from them and then I talk to a tech support rep who says (And I kid you not):  :The computer doesn’t make mistakes people do.”  Really?  So the IDIOTS who made up the code that went into the website were also computers?  I don’t think so, Tim.


Anyway, I got him to delete ALLLLLL of my logins and passwords because I’m confused (even though I write it down– where is the security there???)  as to which login works with which password.

Hopefully, he actually did it so I can get it re-set in the system.


And so, I Return

Yes, well, I’m off of Facebook for at least a week– it is a life-sucking force that is membered by innumerable people who have no life so they advertise it by posting the most mundane of tripe.  Additionally, they then delete comments that are made and/or respond when it is MOST inappropriate, i.e., my message was that you were NOT one of the six in the 7Billion, okay?


Anyway, I’ve got far better things to do so I will do them instead of doing Facebook.

Not improving . . .

. . . And not happy.  Some of the people who call me their friend are not acting very friend-like.  So done with it.

Maybe my attitude will change but I don’t know at this point.

Just Sayin’

Sooo . . . I’ve been going to church for about 5 years (maybe longer, I really don’t remember) but I’ve always been considered the “Unfortunate One” because I’m married to an atheist.  <Sigh>  I happen to think I’m really lucky because he is in my life.  I’m very happy to be married to him.  Yes, of course, I do wish he would believe in God but I’m of the opinion that God gives everyone innumerable chances to find Him.  When it is my husband’s time to do so, He will find my husband and all will be well with the world.

Now I’ve got the equivalent problem (by other people’s standards) with my sister.  My sister is a lesbian.  She didn’t start out that way but about 20 years ago, decided that’s how she wanted to live.  She seems to be much happier now and I think that her quality of life is important.

People in church, and in my family, are critical of her because of her choice.  Again, INNUMERABLE CHANCES.  It isn’t my place to judge or tell her that she’s wrong or any other thing that you may think.

And, by the way, because I have said that does NOT mean that I mean the opposite.  It has taken us YEARS to get a good relationship going and I’m not going to take any chances on ruining it by telling her how to live (which is what others what me to do).

All I can do is set an example and if it encourages either of them in the God-direction, great.  I can’t live everyone else’s life for them.