Work Room!!

I got lucky and married my very own, "Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor".  I mentioned that I wanted to use my "office" as a sewing room so that we could have the dining room back as a dining room.  We looked at putting a couple of conference tables together but, he decided that that wouldn't be "good enough".  Next thing I know, we're hanging out at Home Depot buying melamine and 2x4s.

Organizing the "stuff" . . . 

 . . . lots of room to do that!

Saturday afternoon, it was assembled enough for me to sort through my fabric and organize some things.  Today (03/10/02) he put the finishing touches on it-- Wow!!  It is an amazing place to "work"!!

And then there were extra lights, or I'd go blind!! 

Comfy!!  Won't get splinters in my knees or legs and that metal edge will protect the fabric!

Yes, he built that little box as a pedestal for my foot pedal!!

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