Interesting thing about living here . . .

You get to give security clearance references on friends and neighbors.  How weird is that?

This morning I received a coritzone shot in my left knee where the arthritis is the worst.  Lots of fun– I hate the shot [almost] worse than the pain of the arthritis!  The worst part is that I have to ice it afterward and am not “allowed” to do a substantial amount of exercise.  Lovely.

Lexi probably suffered the most because of that– got the short walk loop and, with the heat, was none too happy about that.


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  1. Boy, it’s hard to get to your comments. I already have a word press account, but I needed to sign up for another with a diff password to get in here. I hope that doesn’t mess up my other word press account.

    Oh, just wanted to say hi and glad to see you commenting again.

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