I’m finally going to include the pictures of my trip to Michigan, including my step-daughter and her family as well as my sibling family, sans one sister (she stayed in Maine, opting not to travel to Michigan– her loss as it was gorgeous weather!).

It said I would get a chance to edit the pictures but I didn’t . . . oh, well.  The adorable 9 month old baby is my grandson, son of my step-daughter (whom I call “daughter”) from my last marriage.  The baby (Aiden Gibson (his first and middle names)) is absolutely adorable– he’s such a cutie and he’s sweet natured and doesn’t cry hardly at all!  It was a joy to be with him, indeed!!

My daughter is the young woman in the right column, second from the bottom.  She’s beautiful and wise and smart, and I am so proud of her!  Oliver, her husband, is pictured walking with Aiden in one of the other pictures.

The little girl with Aiden is my niece’s daughter, Amelia.  Amelia and Aiden were born on the same day although they were in different hospitals.  Amelia and Aiden had great fun playing together but he kept trying to move and she kept trying to grab him!  Aiden was also quite intrigued by Uncle Rich’s beard– he’d never seen one before so it was a mystery to him, for sure!

VERY CUTE!!  I had a wonderful time, needless to say– I hadn’t seen Kortney (my daughter) in more than 14 years so it was a real treat to see her and get to know her again.  I am really so proud of the way she’s turned out– she’s a Christian and is a fabulous mother, on top of all the other GOOD things about her!