Tired, as always, thanks . . .

On Saturday, I spent about 8 hours in the basement with various projects from cleaning up my space (sometimes I get too lost in the mess to find what I’m working on!!) to ironing about 15 yards of fabric.  I spent about an hour of that time sewing on the borders of the quilt I’m making for a client.  Then, I spent the rest of the day putting the backing for the quilt together and loading that on The Rack of my Fusion, Angel.  Then, I needed to load the top that I’d finished in the morning but first I had to iron it all on before it could be loaded on The Rack.

Eventually I loaded the quilt and was able to start running it out while I did the ironing.  Since I had pre-washed the fabrics for my next three projects, I needed to get the fabrics ironed in order to be able to use them.  I was sooooo tired and sore from standing most of the day that when the client came to give me a deposit for the quilt, I was almost too tired to go up the stairs!

I made it, of course, but begged Brian to do the cooking for dinner so that I wouldn’t have to do anymore standing.  He did, because he’s wonderful, and then I caught up watching the shows that I had on DVR.

Today (Sunday) was spent complaining about the sore muscles and tiredness accompanying the “hangover” from the 8-hour-standing day yesterday.

Someday my knees will be better, right?