Eventually, I’ll get there . . .

Ya know, when I told Brian that I wanted to start posting again, I’m pretty sure it’s because I had something to say but, I just wish I could remember what it was!

Took receipt on a package from HandiQuilter today– contained 10 bobbins (size M) and two packages of each of the needles that I’ll need if/when I break one.  The machine requires some specialty equipment but, in case you ever doubt what you can get me for a birthday/Christmas/whatever gift, they have a handy-dandy website from which you can order “stuff” or you can simply get me a gift card.

Yes, I know that’s a shameless plug but when I first started looking at the site, they didn’t have ANY of that so I was pleased to see that they had updated the site so that _*I*_ could order things for myself, rather than going through a dealer and paying the mark-up for it.

I promise that someday I’ll get over having this machine but, I’m afraid that it will still take some time so bear with me!