Friday was a good day . . .

Although I am negative for a brain, the air has no tumors, cysts, or assorted bad things in it according to the MRI.  I am okay with those results!

I went to dinner with the new pastor at our church (Margaret)– she’s a lovely lady and wonderful preacher so I’m going to enjoy having her at our church.  We found it extremely easy to speak with each other which is important.

Today, I’m downstairs playing with Angel, my Fusion.  We practiced some things and now we’re moving on to some serious quilting!  I’m going to do the borders and inside meandering for a wallhanging that I started in 2008 for our bedroom.  Yes, this one is a long time coming but the key here is: I’m loading REAL quilts onto the system now– FINALLY!!  YAYYYY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll load some pictures later of Angel working later on–too much fun!!