Sewing this week . . .

The lady for whom I did the alterations last week came by to pick up her clothes and tried them on one more time to make sure that they fit.  My “guarantee” is that if it’s not altered enough, I’ll do it again at no charge but if it’s something new, then I will charge for it.  Out of the 12 pants and 2 skirts (yes, I went back and counted the articles), all of the pants fit perfectly; there was a sticky-outy spot (don’t you love those professional terms!) on one of the skirts but I easily fixed that by trimming back the seam a bit.  Then there was one pant that I had taken in and it got to be too short as a result– this was not a pair of pants that I was supposed to alter the length on to begin with– so I’m going to have to hem that one (for the first time) a little longer.

Then, last night, my sewing student brought by a couple more accessories that she wants made for the baby’s room and, there are still the nursing tops hanging around.  The tops are from a similar pattern to that which I sewed for Allex K a few years back so I know what to do and how to do it.

After that, I’ll be on my own again and ready to rock at quilting my quilt tops– I’m excited!!