Yeah, I know . . . already!

But if nothing happens, does writing that nothing happens mean something happened?  Get it?  Forest = tree . . . never mind.

So Sunday went by uneventfully except that I met the new preacher and like her a lot.  She and I are going to dinner on Friday night which should be fun.  She has a great sense of humor so I don’t expect it to be a stiff/scary dinner like it would’ve been with the minister that I great up with– he was just plain scary in any setting!

Monday I went to the hip doctor and found out that I do have some sort of “flap”, almost like a meniscus tear except there isn’t a meniscus there.  I could get it surgerized (“hip arthroscopy”) but, when I’m pretty much guaranteed a hip replacement in two or so years, why bother?  Yeah, if I had as much walking around to do as I did last summer it would be worth it but I don’t think we’re planning a trip to Paris any time soon– am I wrong, Honey?

Brian’s added all sorts of new bells-n-whistles on my composing page but hasn’t told me what they do so I still can’t link to him up there– just know that he is My Honey and there is no other.

I wanna see the new Pooh movie that’s coming out– when can I go that it won’t be filled with kids?  Yeah, right.  That’s the only thing that’s stopping me from going.