Loose Ends

I’m busy finishing up three projects for my quilt guild.  The two table runners and lap quilt will be prizes in Quilt Bingo which will be held on October 2 (if you’re in the Bowie, MD area, let me know– tickets are $15/for 16 cards).  I have to bury threads and stitch the binding down but other than that, I should be done soon.

The good news is that I can get started in loading up a new quilt on Friday night.  On Thursday evening, I’m going to start a Disciple I class and on Saturday, I’ll be at a laity meeting for my church.  Sunday, of course, is the Quilter’s Bible Study so I won’t be back to my quilting until Monday!  Way too long of a break, but I may be able to get in a bit of hand sewing in the interim.  Even that makes me feel like I’m sewing/quilting.

And, of course, another End of Quarter is upon us– Joy, Joy!