I have a confession to make . . .

I’d rather sew than write!  Yes, indeedy, there it is– out the open for everyone to see! I’ve spent all free time sewing these past few days.

Returning to work was fun– really slow (highly unusual for this time of year– let’s hope it holds through December!)– but whatever time I have outside of that, I’m sewing!  Monday night I worked on the quilt and had a problem so I stopped– better to stop than try to figure out how to throw the whole quilt out of a basement window that’s smaller than the quilt!

Last night, I started making a stocking for my grandson– little bugger is so cute!  He’s just starting to walk and boy, he’s putting it together fast!  Giving his mom a run for her money, for sure!

Anyway, I sewed the strips of fabric to the batting and then went in search of something to use for the collar.  I think I found something but we’ll have to see if it will let me embroider it.  If not, I’ll find something else– believe me, I have a lot of STUFF to go through before I can say that I give up.  I’ll put a picture up when I finish it.

After I do finish the stocking, I’m going to switch to quilting a different quilt– this one needs to be mailed so I want it to go out soon.  The quilt-through-the-window quilt is for a neighbor’s son so it is local and can (and probably will) take me until Christmas to finish!