And speaking of which . . .

. . . The quarterly cortizone shot that I got in early October wore off early in the week of the 5th.  Since then, I’ve been dealing with the dull ache that’s left over after my Mobic takes effect.  Of course, that doesn’t cover the muscle pain that’s being created by favoring my left knee and hip and the physical therapy exercises.  Joyful, eh?

After hip PT on Monday night, I shipped out the box going to my step-daughter (usually referred to as “daughter” because it is just shorter and she’s so sweet!).  She got it on Wednesday and opened it– on the floor.  Aiden got to his birthday present before she could stop him so he tried on his hat and scarf.  The hat is too small but I think I have enough yarn to make another one once Kortney gets me his head measurement.  He also likes his stocking and I’ll get a picture of it up here as soon as I can figure out how to download pictures from my camera again.

Because of the new keyboard that Brian installed over the weekend, things have had to get moved around on USB ports and my camera is hooked up to a temporary USB and fighting the download.  Needless to say, for someone who wants to take pictures of merchandise for selling on a website, that’s not a good thing.  I’ll have Tech Support check it out over the weekend and tell me what’s happening or not.

Other than that, the greeting cards are out, the gifts are done (except one that Kortney doesn’t know about yet!), and we’re declining all invitations for Christmas.  Sorry but I don’t want to catch anything (and you know I would!) before my surgery!