Post-Op Surgeon Appointment

So I went to the post-op appointment with the surgeon and gave him a hard time about my crooked scar.  He blamed it on my crooked leg– the incision started out straight!

We had a good laugh– love this guy!  He’s got a great sense of humor and talented hands!  The office staff voted me “Poster Child” for knee replacement surgery.  He can’t remember when he’s had someone walk into the office in the 6th week after surgery, without a cane and without a limp! Yeah, I guess I am doing good– it’s hard to believe it when people tell me that UNLESS it is the surgeon who tells me.  Then, I guess I should believe it, huh?

The woman who had the surgery slot after me on January 9 also came into the waiting room for her follow-up appointment.  She’s older than me by 5 years or so and I’d says she probably has 20 to 30 pounds more weight than I have but, she’s still using a cane, she’s still limping, she’s not driving herself and she’s still on narcotics.  Thankfully, she is retired so her recovery time can take longer.  She’s doing physical therapy 3 times a week plus at home and hasn’t got the bend that I have on my knee.  WOW!!  I felt sorry for her, too, because she may have scar tissue issues, as well.

There but for the grace of God!!