Yeah, I know . . .

But I’ve been busy!!

Since the 23rd of January, I’ve started riding my recumbent bike again– talk about a Happy Camper!!  I haven’t been able to ride it since late September but, I’ve been on it for almost two weeks now.  Of course, the first few times had a long extension of my leg with little bend in the knee but since then, I’ve got the seat within two inches of my “usual” position.

I’ve definitely gone to the side of “Over Achiever” with regard to results on my physical therapy.  I’m using the stairs in step-over-step fashion and, because of Lexi, I get lots of practice on the steps during the day.

I’ve gone back to work– with a warm and hearty welcome– and am happily getting back into the swing of things.  There are a lot of other things I’d rather be doing than working but as long as I am, I’m fortunate and blessed in that I do something I like with people that are fabulous to work with on a day-to-day basis.

This week I’ve only got one physical therapy session but it will be productive since I’ve gotten so far in my knee bend/bicycle riding/stair climbing.  I like to “show off” as Brian says– it’s lots of fun!  The best part is that I’m not on any narcotic pain killers and haven’t been for a long time.  I really hate that stuff, let me tell you!!  The amazing part is that my PT guy (all of 140 pounds sopping wet) pushes into the bend of my knee and I can tolerate it without the narcotics which makes me very happy!!  Okay, yes, it still hurts when he does it but I’m not dying and I am making progress in every aspect of my physical therapy.

I have to tell you something else: MY HUSBAND IS THE GREATEST!!!  Brian has taken such great care of me and encouraged me and pushed me and reminded me of how much I used to hurt and shown me his love and caring for me every day.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and to take care of me, in sickness and health.  I love you, sweetie!!