Not so much . . .

I really thought I was going to be more faithful to posting but between repetition (I do the same thing, over and over again!) and the fact that I don’t get out much, that hasn’t happened.  Sorry about that!

Homage to the “don’t get out much” category today comes from Bobby at Toyota of Bowie.  I called last week to schedule service on my Beautiful Lorena (Red Solara Convertible) and told him she was a 2007.  Okay, “So what’s the mileage?”, he says and I tell him “twenty-one thousand, eight maybe nine hundred”.  “Whoa” says Bobby.  “Yeah, she’s not going to get traded in any time soon,” says I.  “No kidding!” says Bobby.

When I get to the dealership, he checks my car in and just smiles the whole time cuz that car is a beauty, thanks to my hubby who keeps her cleaned and shined for me.

I am blessed.