Black-out and Back-up!

Unfortunately, because I walk the dog in the morning, by the time I got to my computer, Brian had left and arrived at his work. When I called to ask him if he’d shut my computer down, there was a deafening silence. No, he said. Hmm, my computer was down and, it would not turn on. I was without computer all day and bored out of my mind, let me tell ya! I didn’t realize how many things I look up during a work day because I don’t want the research on my work computer.

Anyway, he got home from work and fixed it by doing his computer-thang (please don’t ask me to describe it!) and then it was up, except for the two times that I shut off. Not shut down– just off. Of course it rebooted itself but still a little freaky.

Since I have my work computer, my Acer (which is in the basement sewing area) and a new Dell on the way (part of the rebate from buying The Beast– 6-needle embroidery machine), he’s going to build me a computer that I can have under my desk.

Of course, that’ll mean it’s HIS computer (as opposed to the three mentioned above which are MY computers), increasing his count by one to either four or five computers.

That’s okay, I have more than one sewing machine, too. ;>)