Close to it!

When someone LOVES something, REALLY _*LOVES *_ to do something, is it called a hobby or an Obsession? Hmm, good guess on that one!

I love sewing and all things related to crafting and, as a result, I’m launching my “store” in a few weeks. I’m getting ready by setting up a Facebook page for it and, of course, sewing like crazy! Last winter was the “knitting like crazy” phase (and it will probably be that way again this winter) but I am just sewing like crazy these days!

I’ve got towels that I’m finishing but on top of that, I’ve got a quilt to make for my niece (who is expecting her first child with my nephew). I’ve already started piecing that one even though I don’t have to have it finished until November. Then, the baby isn’t due until February so I won’t be able to completely finish the quilting on it until s/he is born. Still, I’m working on it now because I just _*LOVE*_ sewing!

Okay, it’s an obsession!