Nary a Dull Moment

After going to church this morning, I came home and ate lunch with Brian, followed by going downstairs to clean up the sewing area (I have to do this at least every other week or I can’t find myself!), finish up some sewing projects, and “play” at sewing a bit. I’ve got a quilt design that I’m embroidering (Yes, there are 25 or so blocks that are embroidered) and I’m having a hard time getting it set up.

After I left that in the middle of progress again, I came all the way upstairs and finished uploading all of the photos for everything that I’ve got made and ready to sell.  Marcia’s Makings will be open for business as of October 1, starting with a Grand Opening Sale– highly recommend it, by the way.  There’s lots of sewn and embroidered and quilted and knitted and crocheted stuff up there– all good so go have a look!