Almost weirder!

I had an appointment this morning and, though I have today off, it wasn’t a big deal. Went to my appointment, stopped on the way home to get an electric tea kettle (I really need to start drinking more tea!), and then I would have lunch, exercise, and start in on sewing. Brian and I watched a “Fast n Loud” together while I ate lunch and then I went downstairs to sew. At about 2:00, I realized that I’d left something out of the plan so I came back upstairs and rode my bicycle. At least I did something for the day.

More of the same tomorrow. I’m going to put up pictures of Lexi’s jacket(s) as soon as we can find the second one. Yep, that’s right: in this whole huge house, we can’t find the second jacket that I made her. We’ve looked EVERYwhere– it’s like she gave it away to one of her friends or something! So weird.

Anyway, as soon as we find it, and yes, we are still looking, I’ll put up pictures.