Computer Count: 4

For me, that is– I have the Acer downstairs in my long arm room.  I use that for watching DVDs related to long-arming quilts.  The work Dell computer (telecommuting is such a luxury!).  My personal computer that Brian just built for me last week (who knows what he named it!) and then, the rebate computer from when I bought the Beast, also a Dell.  I’ve offered the Acer to Brian but he doesn’t want it– Oh, well.

He is going to be a dear and one of the weekends that I’m traveling in November, he’s going to build a shelf to put a computer on so that I can watch Netflix and other videos as I sew.  Well, I think I’m going to watch as I sew.  Usually I don’t watch a lot of television when I’m sewing or doing anything else for that matter.

At any rate, I think my computer count is higher than it was a few years ago– Okay, I know my computer count is higher than it was EVER before!  Its not that I do a ton of computing but I do have a lot of software programs related to sewing.