HandiQuilter Upgrade (??)

I love my Fusion by HandiQuilter– I really do but (and I do mean BUT) they recently did an upgrade to the ProStitcher computer/program. They’ve had two webinars about the changes but no videos yet. Overall, the upgrade is more sensible than the way that the software operated but there are some significant changes as well. As a result of those significant changes, I can’t do some of the things I used to be able to do.  And by “can’t” I mean that I knew how to do them but the act of doing them has changed because the screen lay-out has completely changed.

Previously, I had purchased 3 or 4 videos that explained how to do specific things and those things changed with the upgrade. Now I can’t do those things and, unfortunately, I had to do one of them last night but was unsuccessful. I had guidance from one of their instructors on the phone and it still didn’t work.

Tonight, I play a frog (rip-it, rip it) and take out that six or so inches of quilting and re-do the steps that I was walked through last night. Hopefully, I can do it right this time (and hopefully, I can remember the steps).