You know me . . .

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing… well, okay, I also went to a church meeting and cleaned up my sewing space. I found some blocks for a quilt that I started last year. Correction: I made one quilt from these blocks last year and then I realized that I had made enough blocks for three or four quilts. So, I’m going to donate one to my church’s holiday bazaar that’s coming up and I’m going to make the rest of them up into quilts.

I also finished up the burp cloths that I had started and will follow up with pictures of those shortly . . . within a day or two, if w don’t lose power because of the hurricane.

I have to admit, if I have to handle the generator by myself, I won’t be happy but I now know that I can do it, if I have to. Let’s just hope that Brian can get home or is home when the need arises. That’s the only thing that’s really freaking me out about this hurricane. I don’t want to be alone when the power goes– what if I can’t get the generator started THAT time? What if I have to bail out the sump pump? ARGH!!

Oh, well, say your prayers and send happy thoughts– I know I’ll be saying my prayers!