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I am, no doubt, a list maker. I make lists when I travel, when I shop, when I stay at home and look for a job . . . yes, I make lists. I’ve had a list that I started while in Michigan of things to do when unemployed that included things like places to look for a job, email to my massage therapist (explaining why I won’t be using her services for awhile), review the health info from Brian’s work, etc. Also on the list was cleaning up the books on my business, filing for unemployment, and various emails to send to notify people and businesses that I was looking for a job.

Of the original 15 items, I’ve ticked off more than a dozen and have added an additional 5 or so. Notoriously, this is one of the worst weeks in the world to look for a job in a professional capacity. If I wanted to go retail, which I couldn’t tolerate physically, it would also be a bad week to apply/look for a job but, alas, I can’t do that anymore.

In fact, there’s not a lot I can do for the rest of this week (okay, today) to look for a job but I will plod along. I keep reviewing the lists of jobs available on CareerBuilder and Monster, etc. but there’s nothing that’s completely up my alley although there are several that are near the block.

Not to worry– I shall continue!

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  1. You have a great attitude in your job search! I hope that it works out for you soon! Please know that we are always here to help maximize your search on the site if you need us. You can contact us via email: [email protected] or on Twitter: @CBHelp. ^KA

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