Nope, not even turned off in the bottom of my purse . . .

I’m going to go on a retreat today; it’s a 3 day/3 night retreat at a Methodist “camp” that will have some type of indoor accommodation (usually 4 to a room) for us. There are 16 pilgrims (I am one) and 16 sponsors/guides. The sponsors do not stay the entire time and there are people that are left behind to tell us what to do.

The point of the exercise is to rebuild and add new dimension to my faith– I am sooooo looking forward to it! I don’t feel like my faith is being fed in church lately so I have to find something to make me stronger. I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend.

Brian just called and suggested I take my phone, keeping it turned off in the bottom of my purse. I’m not allowed to do that. I’m not allowed to bring an alarm clock (I hope they know what they’re inviting with that issue– without Lexi I could sleep a LONG time!). I’m not allowed to wear my watch.

Nope, not even turned off in the bottom of my purse. Nada. Zip. I really am looking forward to it. A way to force me to look inside myself and toward God so that I can grow. I’m really looking forward to it.

PS:  If there’s an emergency, there are people who are allowed to have cell phones that are there and yes, I am bringing my insurance cards.