Hope your Christmas was Merry!

Ours certainly was– we exchanged gifts after eating the sumptuous breakfast that Brian made for us (pancakes!!) and then both went downstairs for our various hobbies. Sounds terrible but it really is nice, knowing he’s just down the hall a few feet instead of on the top floor working on schoolwork. :>)

I actually quilted four quilts yesterday– three were small-ish wall hangings and the 4th was one that I had started on Christmas Eve. Today I put the binding on all 4 of those quilts and the one that I finished the day before (Sunday). The “Down the Straight & Narrow” quilt is the one I finished on Sunday, after church and now it has its’ binding, too.

I spent the morning this morning searching for job openings– big surprise there, eh? Touched bases with some of my former managers to confirm their ability to provide references, when requested.

Friday I have a meeting with the State of Maryland to discuss how I’m going about finding a job– I’ve got a stack of papers ready to show them what I’m doing! Its part of the process that you have to confirm that you are really looking for work in order to get benefits. Yeesh! I’ve already filled out 1-1/2 pages of the requisite 1-page per week form. Yep, I’m looking for work!