Two days, huh?

Time really flies when you’re busy, eh? Friday was spent looking for a job, and then I came downstairs and ran the names of the quilts on the quilt backs all day. I set up a quilt and ran the first row or two, as well. I don’t feel comfortable running back-n-forth between expensive machines so I decided that I would just run the embroideries (quilt names on quilt backs) and then tomorrow (today) I would run out the quilting designs. I’ve got “Down the Straight and Narrow” on the rack and “Red Hat Happy”, “Traverse-ing Michigan”, and “Rodin’s Gardens” (a 3-part quilt wall hanging that I’m making for us). I’ve also got “Chaos and Calm” ready to quilt and a couple of smaller wall hangings. Yes, I could quilt for days and days . . . wait, that’s what I’m going to do!

Once I finish “Down the Straight and Narrow”, I’ve got a small quilt to run; it is for my friend, Mary Grace, but it doesn’t have a name (I asked but she doesn’t want to name it). It’s actually a panel that her mother bought but hasn’t had time to quilt so I’m going to do it for her.

I’ve also been “hired” by the church to make napkins for their communion alter. I can do that! I’m also making an Easter wall hanging for the church and, unfortunately, had to go shopping to buy some fabrics for that. Yes, such a horrid thing to go fabric shopping!

Oh, well, that about covers my day– tomorrow will be church and then more quilting! (I know– that’s such a surprise!)