“Wiper Error”

That sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  It would be less obvious if it were on a car– I mean, how many ways can a windshield wiper have an error?  Not that many, even though TopGear has tried to actually tally up the total.

No, this was on my Brother Entrepreneur (the six-needle embroidery machine) which is NOT GOOD.  It happened last night and I couldn’t figure out what caused it or how to fix it.  The book said that this was an error that the dealer had to handle.

I’ll be honest: if I had shown up at the dealer with this machine (since the machine weighs 70 pounds, soaking wet, I wouldn’t have shown up at the dealer easily, mind you), I would’ve been embarrassed.  This morning, after searching the internet for the various and sundry resolutions to said issue, I went downstairs, turned on the machine, took off the design hoop, cutting the thread that didn’t get cut properly, and, VOILA– no more Wiper Error.

Seriously, that simple!  Oh, yes, I thanked the Lord and did a happy dance cuz it was just a bit too scary there for a few minutes but overall, it is fixed, and I finished running the design.  It turns out that “Wiper Error” messages are caused by the thread-cutter not completing the cycle properly and simply removing the hoop, this time, fixed it.