Yes, I’ve been remiss . . .

Part of the reason for that is because there is nothing new to report on my job search.  I have phone interviews that go well and then I never hear from the employer again.  <Sigh>  That’s okay, I’ve got patience.

Another part of the reason is that I want to report that my sister is completely back to normal and everything is OK but I can’t– it would be a lie.  She is out of the coma but after being in a coma for so long, she has many residual problems.  I didn’t know that was going to be the case since I’ve never been around anyone who had been in a coma before and, frankly, television/movies lie– Hollywood is like that.

I pray for her without ceasing, it seems.  I’ve never known what that phrase means before now but I do and it means a lot more to me now than it ever did before.  I want to go to California to help with her care but I can’t while I’m on unemployment because I have to be “available for work” and I wouldn’t be available if I were there and helping with her care.  It may not be appropriate because she’s “only” my sister anyway– her children and husband should be the first line of defense in care.  They are– don’t get me wrong– her husband hasn’t missed a day since she’s been in the hospital.  He spends hours and hours talking with her, reading the Bible, holding her hand, praying, talking and laughing some more.  Her daughter is there right now, too.  Natali has taken time based on the FMLA but I don’t know how long she’ll be able to stay. Maybe in a few months, I could go out to help, if it is still needed– we’ll have to see how it all goes as far as her therapies and care are concerned.