Like many other bloggers, I’m posting about the Boston Marathon bombings that happened on Monday.  Unlike many bloggers, I don’t blame God for what happened– He gave us freewill and someone used that freewill to hurt others.  What makes me angry is that whoever did this action, is TOO CHICKEN to admit and take the punishment for it.  Either you’re (wo)man enough to do the action and take the credit, or you’re a coward– oh, wait: to do something like this is cowardly in and of itself so I guess that pretty much covers it, eh?

I don’t know anyone (other than a distant cousin by marriage) that lives in Boston and I’ve driven around it a couple of times to and from Maine but still, it is angering to know that someone takes an iconic event like the Marathon and does something that will scar it– no, it will NOT stop the event itself– for the future.

Originally, the Marathon was run on Patriot’s Day as a dual celebration for the city of Boston.  Now, annually, the entire nation will join in that TRIPLE celebration with them– again, as with 9/11, we will NOT forget.