Telecommuting and other thoughts . . .

One of the reasons that I’m “good” at telecommuting is that I am perfectly content with being alone– okay, Lexi is here but since she’s not that great at conversing (contrary to her way of thinking), I am essentially alone.

I’ve always been good with being alone.  When I was younger, I would freak my friends out because I’d unplug my phone and not answer the door for entire weekends some times because “I vanted to be alone” (imagine Greta Garbo).  I concentrate better when I’m alone and can really READ whatever it is that I’m reading and understand it better by thinking through the nuances.

I thought of this today because a friend of mine had her mother-in-law visiting for two weeks and today, she finally got a reprieve– her mother-in-law left to go back home.  She was thrilled to be alone, except for her cats!  She loves her mother-in-law but can’t stand having people around her 24/7 and, frankly, I can relate.  (Not about my mother-in-law although I love her, too but my mother-in-law wouldn’t be around 24/7, were she to visit.)

I’m used to being alone somewhat, at least 8 to 10 hours a day because Brian is gone to work– I love it!  I can concentrate and get things done much better when he and others are not around to distract me.

Its amazing that the more I age, the less I change.