Date Night!!

We rarely go out to movies– rarely buy them anymore either, for that matter– we have Netflix on streaming television but that’s it.  Yesterday, during the day, Brian called to see if I wanted to see “Star Trek Into Darkness“.  Well, duh!!

So we had a rare night out, complete with popcorn and lots and lots and LOTS of trailers.  There were at least 20 minutes of trailers after the scheduled start time of 6:45.  That wouldn’t have been so bad, but they were all for trailers that were due to be out in the Summer– yes, due to be out tomorrow in theatres.  Not surprisingly, most of them were already showing in that theatre.

‘Nuf complaining– I loved, loved, LOVED the movie!!  There were so many wonderful references to Star Trek The Original Series movies and television show.  At one point, Chris Pine (who plays James T. Kirk) actually looks like a young William Shatner– albeit, only ONE time.

My next pick is “Much Ado About Nothing” but Brian doesn’t want to see that– I’ll have to try to find a cheap matinee for that one.