Some random thoughts . . .

So why am I second on Brian‘s BlogRoll?  You would think I’d rate above Doc Searles (did I spell that right?) or maybe its alphabetical?  If that’s the case, then I get it.

(I told you they were random!)

So I’m working on quilts and things of machine embroidery and a friend of mine says “What about baby things?”  So yes, I make baby things and then she asks me about a baby sleep sack in particular.  Now I know that this woman friend of mine is beyond the years of having her own baby so I’m guessing that one of her grandchildren (she was a YOUNG grandmother) may be expecting?  Could be . . . at any rate, I’ve gotta get working on the baby stuff this week– I’m going to make “Baby Puffs” which are small puffy baby quilts and of course, the requisite sleep sacks.  Mine are going to be special because they will include an embroidery design or two because I’m talented that way.

When did “Contracts Manager” start to mean health care provider contracts?  That’s what about 75% of the advertisements for jobs are for and I know that’s something new.  New and annoying, shall we say?

When I go to the State of Maryland website, they now tell me that when I enter the words “contract negotiation” (without quotation marks), I am limiting my search. So I take out “contract” and search on the word “negotiation” which comes up with the same response– no listings and tells me that I’m limiting my search.  <Sigh>

Why can’t I stay focused on working out better?  I ride my bike [most mornings] and then that’s it– I don’t do anything more.  I’ve got the subdivision’s pool that I could swim in but do I want to go there?  <People will see me!>

Must do work on my website soon– I need to insert more/better meta tags.