Not My Fault!!

I tried to post over the weekend but I couldn’t get there from here because the internet went down.  So did our telephone (go down, I mean) but the television was working.  As Brian says, “They’re all in the same tube/cable so why it happened, I don’t know.”

It is amazing how we’ve become so dependent AND addicted to the internet and all of its charms.  I couldn’t read blogs, CNN, or even log into the one and only game I play on the internet these days– I was bored out of my mind watching television and grateful for sewing (even without streaming music from my favorite radio station).  It did come back sooner than it was expected to so that was helpful, at least for Brian’s sanity.  (He’s way worse than I am about internet dependency.)

I worked on alterations over the weekend and on Sunday, the owners of the clothes came by to pick them up.  After that I quilted for a customer and then watched television with Brian– that was the end of my Sunday and weekend.

On Monday, I went to the quilt shop to work, as usual.  I wore a different pair of shoes and found out that I should burn them.  They’re supposed to be “good for my feet” but they were only good for making my feet HURT!  I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because they hurt so bad!

I’m going to stick to my Mephistos and Brook’s Addictions for work and my feet won’t hate me so much.  For the rest of the time, I wear Brook’s Ghost model which I don’t like as much as I thought I would but, at least its mesh so my feet don’t choke from the heat!