Recent Events

Over the weekend, I sewed (shocking, I know), embroidered, and pieced a quilt top from “orphan blocks” from my guild.  I’ll finish sewing it together and quilt it in the next week or two.  I’ve got some paying quilts to do first and then, there are a couple I’d like to quilt for myself.  I work today so the rest of the week will have to be when I do the quilting.

I went to church on Sunday and after, I did some shopping for some new tops to wear with capris and shorts.  When I finished lunch after I got home, I tied a baby quilt that I was working on and started watching the movie, “The Help” and loved it!  I didn’t get to finish it because Brian wanted to watch some TopGear that had DVRd so I finished it yesterday, as I ate my lunch.

My beautiful niece that’s married (as opposed to my beautiful niece that’s not married) had a baby last week– her third.  The baby’s name is partly after my mother (Margaret Clarice); they are going to call her Maggie Clare which I think is wonderful and beautiful!  (Clarice was my mother’s name– Faye’s sentimental like that which I think is cool!)

More to come this week, I’m sure!