So in the meantime . . .

I’ve been working on a quilt for my niece’s new baby, Margaret Clarice.  (The “Clarice” portion of it is my mother’s name.)  They are going to call the baby either Maggie or Maggie Clare.  I love the name, needless to say.

Anyway, after much discussion, Faye (my niece) told me that they’re going to move their oldest boy, Kaden, into a new room and Maggie Clare is going to get his old room.  His room has a “Noah’s Ark” theme in it; I actually made up all of the nursery stuff for his room nearly four years ago when he was born.  I have none of that fabric left because I gave her what I had left over so that she could make anything for him that I missed.  That left me without any of that fabric, of course, but the good news is that I have a second Noah’s Ark fabric!  (That’s not really a surprise if you’ve seen my fabric room.)  I’ve made up a new quilt for Maggie and will quilt it over the weekend and bring it to her the next time I’m in Michigan.

Also, I’ve been working the part time job but I find that retail is hard work– much more so than it was ten years ago.  I find that I’m very tired and sore the day after working a shift but that’s mostly due to the fact that I rarely sit down and have to walk all over the store during the day.  I was working two days a week but I think I’m going to cut my hours to one day a week because it won’t be as hard on me, hopefully.

Speaking of hard on me, I started sleeping “wrong” on my arms/shoulders a few months back and, as a result, incurred a tingling in my right arm and last three fingers.  Not good, needless to say.  I went to the doctor the other day and he told me to change my sleeping habits and to get an x-ray and possibly see a pain doctor for a cortisone shot.  Really?  Just what I need– another doctor.

So I got the x-ray which showed nothing other than age-appropriate degeneration.  I was looking at adding a second pillow to the mix but then remembered that the pillow I use cost $200.  I wasn’t going to buy a second one so I thought about how to fix it so that I wouldn’t have to do that.

I came up with the idea of adding 3″ of foam and it worked!  When I’ve woken up the last two mornings, my shoulders have not hurt nearly as much and the tingling is resolving itself.  YAYYY!!!!!  I’m going to keep this up and see how it goes before I make an appointment with yet another doctor.