Not so much . . .

. . . bored anymore, I mean.  We’ve been on a 9-day vacation in California!  First we visited Brian’s folks for a few days.  On Saturday, his sister and her family joined us for the afternoon and dinner– it was wonderful to see them, too!

The niece has matured and grown much more confident and the nephew has just GROWN!  He’s huge and so sweet– I love it when he calls me “Aunt Marcia”!!

On Sunday Brian and I moved over to a hotel that would make his commute to the city (SFO) for a VMware VMworld conference.  While he was at the conference on Sunday, I waited on our room to be ready and then unpacked us.  Monday I made a trip to Chinatown– man, I sure miss GOOD Chinese food!!  Brian continued the conference all week and I spent the next few days learning a software program, which I was able to accomplish.

Friday we flew back and this morning, we picked up Lexi– we’re ALL TOGETHER NOW and happy to be!!