Quilt Shop

I’ve been working at a local quilt shop since the end of June, 2013.  At first, I worked two days a week and then only one day a week (Mondays, usually) and then, after my “spell” in November, I got two days in December, and one day in January and February.  I don’t mind.  Probably because of the infrequency, I was incredibly sore and tired the day-after working.  The assistant to the owner of the store and I agreed that I would eventually move to teaching only and that I was to say when.

Yesterday I wrote to her and said “When”.  I just can’t do it anymore.  My joints are swelled to the point that I barely make it up the stairs after eating my supper– By the way, that’s after taking ibuprophen and naproxen sodium all day.  Brian suggested and I heartily agreed that I would do no more retail floor work.

That’s too bad because I really love putting together quilts for people– they come into the store with an idea and we help them find the pieces of the pattern to make up a beautiful quilt.  There’s a lot of hard work in retail and especially, in the standing but it was fun– I truly enjoyed the time there I just couldn’t do it with “This Old Body”.

Now, if anyone has an administrative position (even part-time) available, I would be most interested in speaking with you!