New Day

Thank you, Lord!

I was to be religious.  I thought I had embraced it as a young woman but I didn’t, really, until a few years ago and the face-slap (not literally) from my oldest sister.  “Marcia, you know what you have to do– start reading your Bible and PRAYING!!”

It worked.

I have read through most of the Bible and, in keeping with the season, yes, I’ve read the Gospels and their accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion.  As I read, I visualize what I’m reading but I never visualized it as well as was depicted in the History channel’s version that aired last year.  That was a visual version– that’s what I see when I think of the crucifixion now.

The impact that that one event has had on the world then and now is beyond our comprehension– really.  What it means to us as Christians today; what it meant to Christians at the time of the occurrence.  None of us can fully comprehend the whole situation.

God sent his Son to be born on earth, grow up, minister to thousands of people, and then die on the cross (one of the most horrific deaths possible) so that we don’t have to die to sin for an eternity.