Ever since Diana and Charles (for purposes of this article, I’ll refer to him by his formal name but I usually just call him “Chuck” or “Chuckie”) were married, I’ve followed the Royals.  I was living in Dallas at the time of their marriage and yes, I was one of the idiots who didn’t sleep the night of their wedding and watched it all take place.

I followed Diana through the pregnancies and births of the Heir & a Spare (Will and Harry) and I cried with her when Chuck (sorry, he really doesn’t deserve any respect) was STUPID and took Horse Woman as his lover, deserting Diana.

When I was in England in 1997, a cabby took me to Clarence House so I could see where the Queen Mum lived.  This was after Chuck and Diana had split up and he told me about how the English people really love Diana and hate Chuck and hope that it is possible that he never gets the throne.

From his lips to God’s ears!

When Diana was killed in the automobile accident, I cried.  During the funeral, when I was living in California, I watched it on television and cried.  I still follow their activities although not as closely as when I was younger.  The time zones and age don’t exactly cooperate plus I have more of a life now and have better things to do.

Periodically I remember that when I was walking around London, I felt like I had been there before that trip.  I hadn’t– I would’ve noticed that stamp in my passport– but it FELT like it. I walked from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey on back streets not using a map.  We walked it and got there in about fifteen minutes; the friend that was with me was stunned.

I want to go back there and explore the city more but I’m old and a little out of shape and the pesky joints don’t want to walk all that much so I have to wait a bit.  I’m getting the hip replacement (hopefully) this summer and then the right knee in January.  Then, I’ll give it a couple of years and start bugging the hubby for a trip to the UK– something that’s more than a whirlwind but less than a hiatus.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!