Ketchup Time!

Fooled ya!

Okay, so last weekend, Brian and I went to Deep Creek Lake for three nights while Lexi went to our vet’s boarding center for three nights.  While Lexi was deeply unhappy, Brian and I were very much refreshed and happy.

We drove up on Friday, got settled into the condo we rented and went fishing from the docks outside of the condo.  Lovely!  We made dinner in that night and then went out for ice cream (a real treat for us!).  We woke up Saturday morning when we wanted to (in other words, no alarms were used in the effort to raise us out of bed) and after getting set up for the day (breakfast and sandwiches, etc.), we headed out to rent a boat.

We rented a fiberglass craft from a local boat place and had purchased night crawlers from a nearby local store so we knew exactly where to go to find the fish!  Unfortunately, the fish knew exactly how to hide from us but, all in all, we caught a couple of little fish.  I actually coat about a 10″ yellow perch but a 10″ yellow perch does not dinner for two make so it went back in the water (happily, so I must admit) and we went out to dinner at Ledo’s. Yes, I know not very imaginative but it really did suit us for that evening and especially since we followed it up with a trip to a candy store and the ice cream place.  Vacations are wonderful!

Sunday morning was blustery so we headed over to the state park to fish from the docks– I even “learned” to bait my hook.  It was more that I learned not to throw up but whatever, I was doing it myself!!  It was too windy there though and when the rain came in at about noon, we happily left and went back to the condo.  It rained on-n-off all afternoon and after dinner, we played cards and, yes, you guessed it: went to get ice cream!  (The bad news is that my tummy is not used to such rich foods and I paid for it after we got home!)

Monday we “checked out” and drove home, picking up Lexi (so happy to see us!) on our way.  We were all united and very happy on Monday night.

Wednesday I had an epidural in my neck which means that I spent much of the night fearing that I would over-sleep so I got little to no sleep.  The worst part comes later because they tell me that I can’t do anything for the rest of the day which means that I don’t do anything to make myself tired which means that I don’t sleep that night!  This makes sense in whose book?

After having about 45 minutes of sleep, Brian came downstairs (where I had moved to at about 1am) and woke me up.  Thursday I could be a little more active so I walked the dog a couple of times and was definitely tired enough to sleep properly on Thursday night– Lexi let me sleep until 9am!!  WONDERFUL!!

The bad news is that I need a second shot this week so I’ll be repeating that whole process all over again come Tuesday through Thursday of this week.  <Sigh>

I’ve got a couple of quilts to quilt from my folks in Michigan and then I’ll be working on some of my own quilting.  Always lots to do here!