So catch-up time . . .

Sorry about that but again, better things to do!

Saturday, I sewed on the placemats that I’m making from the mistake Dresden Plates– they’ll be pretty and I’ll have enough for gifts for family and friends at Christmas.  (Kitcheny though so they won’t get massive quantities of placemats.)

Sunday, much of the same but I finished them and started to finish up on the “charity t-shirt quilt” that I’m working on and have been working on since before surgery.  It is almost finished but I have to dig out the backing fabric for it at some point this week.

Speaking of digging out . . . many of my smaller-sized clothes are in a closet in the basement that is, of course, buried by all of the STUFF in front of that closet.  I went looking for my skinny jeans today and have decided that I probably did (foolishly) throw them in the Purple Heart box.  Now, I wish I had them back, of course.  <Sigh>

I did find a pair of jeans that I bought several years ago and they didn’t fit– I’ll try them on this week (or soon) when I’m digging out my fall clothes.  MANY of my fall clothes from last year will not fit which should be interesting and fun to discover my weight loss all over again!