I don’t know why!!!

Since my hip surgery, I have had problems getting to sleep and staying asleep at least one night a week.  Most of these nights, it starts out that I’m tired and so I shut the light off and lay down.  After 30 minutes, I’m frustrated because I’m not asleep.  After 45 minutes, I’m pissed off that I’m not asleep and getting wound up about it.  After an hour, I’m really upset that I can’t get to sleep PLUS I start getting what I call “heebie-jeebie legs” (or restless leg syndrome).  Last night, I actually FELT my legs tingling and that was AFTER I’d taken the medication to stop it.

At about 2 (I think), I got out of bed and went downstairs to read.  I shut the light off at 3:30 and stared at that ceiling for at least a half hour before I slept restlessly in the recliner.


I’ve got a doctor appointment in a few weeks and I _*WILL*_ be mentioning this to her, trust me!!