Of Mice and Women

I really try to do everything but I can’t do it all.  I try to write and my Sewing Soul calls to me.  I try to quilt and my Writing Soul calls to me.  It’s really hard to be me, let me tell ya!

Last week, I was everything here at the house because Brian, my hubby, was in Seattle on business.  I had to be Mommy AND Daddy to our little Lexi.  I was having to do things that I don’t ordinarily do with her and that was throwing my timing off.  I did have friends in to sew with me so that I wasn’t completely alone ALL week– that was fun.  It was a mini-retreat of sorts.

This week I have quilting for a customer to do as well as finishing up some of my stuff.  I’ve got one pre-cut quilt (I cut it in May) that I really, really, REALLY want to work on but, I must do the pay stuff first!

I have another knee surgery scheduled (another and LAST) for January.  It will be (hopefully) the last joint replacement surgery for at least two years.  I’m looking forward to it because my right knee has become quite troublesome with bursitis in addition to the arthritis.  I get my LAST cortisone shot in it this week, too.  That will relieve some of the pain until about a week or two before the surgery.  That’s long enough and I’ll be okay for the last week or so before surgery.  j