I’ve been thinking about re-vamping . . .

. . . many things in my life, including this website and the Marcia’s Making’s website.  I’m not crazy about the layout of either of them and I’m not sure that I’ve got the time to work on them.

You see, I’ve got this problem called BACKED-UP QUILTING.  I have about 12 quilts down at the longarm and then there are the clothes that I want to sew!  ARGH!!  I just don’t have enough time to do everything that I want to do.

Monday AM
I started to publish this last night but forgot to hit that pesky “Publish” button.  (SIGH)

Anyway, I’ve already deleted the existing Facebook “Marcia’s Makings” page and will republish that when I republish my website.

In the interim, more to be done.