So, this morning I call the insurance company because ONCE AGAIN my login ID and password for the healthcare/pharmacy website don’t work– I know, I was surprised, too!!  (NOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I’d be surprised if it would actually work, to be honest– yes, I know you knew that already.

Anyway, I get the prescription information figured out from them and then I talk to a tech support rep who says (And I kid you not):  :The computer doesn’t make mistakes people do.”  Really?  So the IDIOTS who made up the code that went into the website were also computers?  I don’t think so, Tim.


Anyway, I got him to delete ALLLLLL of my logins and passwords because I’m confused (even though I write it down– where is the security there???)  as to which login works with which password.

Hopefully, he actually did it so I can get it re-set in the system.