I got my car back!!

(When you read that to yourself, use a very snotty/snide sing-songy voice, okay?)

Whew!!  It feels completely different when you drive yourself someplace, ya know?  It also feels completely different when you are “just sitting in the house, doing whatever, but my car is in the garage so I could go somewhere if I wanted to go somewhere” than when you HAVE NO CAR AND CAN’T GO ANYWHERE, even (and ESPECIALLY) if you wanted to go somewhere.  I tried to explain that to Brian yesterday but it was pretty hopeless.

Yesterday, a friend and I went shopping for some fabric to finish up a quilt that she started many years ago– I’m going to finish it and quilt it for her.  (It is a January gift to her mother, so no Christmas rush but, you know me . . . I always put customer stuff first so it may end up being done sooner rather than later.)

I’ve still GOT to finish cleaning up my fabric and sewing space– I can’t find anything!! Part of that clean up is going to include finishing the “Wonky Christmas” quilt– I don’t have any choice since so much of it is a mess because of it– so that means I can’t start on my friend’s quilt until I get that done and out of the sewing area.  I won’t quilt it until MUCH later but at least I’ve got to put the blocks together.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna get to it!