It worked!!

Well, what people say about “writing to clear your head” worked– I should know that!  I’ve written enough in the way of fiction over the years (not in any of my blogs) that I should know that writing clears the head.  I guess I just let those two situations take hold of me and really wrestle me to the ground.

I know its done because I’ve pieced a wall hanging (for the next time we rearrange our bedroom) and I’ve begun quilting some of the quilts that have been hanging around for FAR TOO LONG without being quilted.  Oh, to have nothing waiting for me to quilt under my long arm!  That, indeed, will be the day!

Unexpectedly, we are getting a thunderstorm RIGHT NOW.  Lexi spent the better part of a half hour in my lap but she has now gone back to Brian.  We don’t need a second dog (despite the fact that I’d love to have another dog) because she shares us so well!  On our driving trip in June to Maine, she split her time on my lap and Brian’s (mostly on Brian’s, I must admit) and during the day, she spends her time “guarding” me and then at night, she guards her Daddy.  She shares us very well, I think.

Anyway, in case you are reading this, I wanted you to know that things were definitely looking up.  Whew!

One thought on “It worked!!

  1. Good to hear. I’ve been following Brian since before you left the Bay Area and enjoy your posts from time to time as I think to check them. There are people in my life that quilt and I like what you share.

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