Karen’s Daughter-In-Law’s Quilt

Karen’s Stuff

First, there are two placemat sets made with fabric bought in Paducah  . . .

Placemat set 1Placemat set 2Then, the super secret quilt for Amelia’s first birthday (Karen’s granddaughter) . . .

Cousin Barb’s Photos

Barb's Granddaughter, Emilee

The quilt above is for Emilee, Barb’s oldest granddaughter.  It was made from fabric purchased at Paducah in 2010 (5 yard quilts) and finished in December of 2010.

This is a baby quilt for Piper Mae, Barb’s new granddaughter born in May of 2011.  The quilt is made entirely from stash fabrics!

These last two pictures are of a tree skirt that Barb made in October from her stash fabrics for Kerri & Brent.

The Honor is Mine!

When I quilted the red-white-n-blue quilt this past summer, I did it with the goal of giving it to the Guild to use in their Bingo games.  They did and the individual who won the quilt has asked me if it would be okay if they gave it to a soldier, since it is in our patriotic colors.  Okay?

I am HONORED to have it go to a soldier!!

Qults: Charity Quilt for the Guild

There are times when you just need a challenge!  I would probably not piece a patriotic quilt– just not my cup of tea– but I downloaded some free patriotic continuous line designs.  When the guild asked for someone to quilt (verb) this quilt (noun) for the upcoming Quilt Bingo Night, I volunteered because I wanted to see how these designs would stitch out.  They came out so nice, I might consider doing a patriotic quilt after all!!

I used a different design in the top border– may make a “sleeve” for it so that it can be hung as a wall hanging!

Quilts: Down the Primrose Path

This quilt kit came with the pink rose and pink dot fabrics as well as the center, mottled green fabric but I added the border fabric so I could make the quilt a little larger.

I used the “curly arcs” design for the main part of the quilt and then a pattern called American Urban Rose for the border.  It came out beautifully!

Quilts: Asian Grace

This wall hanging will go in our bedroom.  There are embroidered images (with an Asian slant) and free-motion quilting throughout the quilt.

You can sorta see the arcs that are in the border– this is going to be gorgeous when its hung up!

Didn’t fix it but . . .

At least I’m here!  I couldn’t figure out how to get into WordPress to post anything so I kinda wrote it off for a few days.  I was a little busy, anyway!

Thursday, I worked from 8am until 10pm and on Friday, I worked from 7:30am to 8:30pm!!  WHEW!!  I’m exhausted but I still worked on two shirts that needed to be altered and, duh-tuh-ta!!  I actually finished the quilt that was on the frame!!

I meandered around the embroidery designs and then this afternoon, I did the borders so it is finished.  I’ve just got to bury the thread-ends and then fix some of the stitch-in-the-ditch.  For my first time stitching-in-the-ditch with the Fusion, I did okay– not perfect but that’s what seam rippers are for, right?

The thread-burying will be done over the course of the next several days and then I can finally put the binding on this quilt, along with the tabs for hanging it!  It’s only been three years in the making but at least we’ll have it for our bedroom, it’s intended home, for a long time to come!!