Busy Saturday . . .

It was a busy day today but mostly because I actually went OUT shopping for some fabric.  I don’t do that as a rule because I have enough fabric but when I have special projects, I sometimes have to get fabric.

Today I bought fabric for a quilt for my sewing student’s soon-to-be-born baby and for a relative’s baby (I’m not sure I’m allowed to say who is pregnant yet . . . I’ll find out, okay?).  Coincidentally, they are using much the same color scheme so they are going to get nearly identical quilts.

I met my friend Jennifer, who is moving back to Atlanta next weekend, at the Columbia Joann’s store and, fully searching their aisles (with only partial success but not the “main” fabric that I wanted), we moved on to Severna Park, Maryland’s Joann’s store.  I’ve never been to Severna Park and, frankly, wasn’t all that sure about where it was located.  Nice area.  Something to keep in mind?