Gotta Love It!!

So I get done with work and I retreat to the basement to sew– there’s a shock, eh?

While walking Lexi this afternoon, I met a neighbor that is catty-corner to our house and, guess what: she needs a 100% guaranteed all cotton quilt.  Wow– I think I know where she can get one.  I’ve gotta start remembering to take my business cards with me!

This weekend I’m going to the JoAnn’s to pick up some thread– yes, believe it or not, there’s a color of sewing and serger thread  that I don’t have– so I can finish up those pants I’m altering.  Tomorrow night, I’ll finish up the rest of the pants and then I’ll have Thursday and Friday to work on the skirt and, possibly, even finish one of my wall hangings.

The wall hangings that I’m working on are a new concept for me. In a way, it is foundation piecing but it is also “quilt as you go”.  At this stage, I’m joining blocks together, and adhering the back-bindings with a fusible like “stitch witch”.  While it is fun to put together, it is HOT on my finger tips!

I can’t wait to finish them so I can take pictures!